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Benson James "Boof" Warren

Benson came into our family by way of The Animal Rehoming Service in 2006. He was renamed from his original as he had issues with it whenever it was spoken. From that moment we knew that we had a special needs dog on our hands. His tough start to life has been a legacy that he has carried throughout and we are still discovering some of the many facets of that beginning.

We didn’t need another animal. Our small townhouse was already home to Tali, another golden retriever, three cats and a rabbit. Each one had been rescued.

It soon became evident the extent that Benson had been beaten and it took a while for him to trust people, particularly men. He is still absolutely terrified of certain sounds that he obviously associates with his old life. One day he was on the front seat of our van when visiting a storage facility. The sound of the roller door sent him rushing into the back of the van, cowering and trembling. How anyone could have been cruel to this handsome and affectionate boy is beyond our comprehension.

There is nothing delicate about Benson or “Boof” as he has been nicknamed, but he is beautiful. He gets along very well with the other furry family members, even allowing the rabbit to jump on his back.

He quickly became the boss of Tali who is much more reserved and indeed, timid in nature but they have formed a strong bond, playing together for hours each day and cuddling together for afternoon naps. He doesn’t like male undesexed dogs so we have to be careful to keep him on his lead at all times but we cope with that and we feel Benson is happier having boundaries. We also ask that people approach him slowly and pat him under his chin so he doesn’t feel threatened by hands approaching the top of his head.

Benson has a great lifestyle including early morning walks down the old stock route in Kensington with his canine friends, Friday night get-togethers with neighbours and Saturday morning shopping at the Queen Victoria Market, where he has his group of regular admirers who he entertains with his teddy bear impersonations. We love Benson a lot and adopting him was a great decision. He craves affection more than any animal we have ever known and he deserves every bit of love that he gets.

Susan Warren


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