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Thank you for your interest in fostering. To date, over 1000 animals have been rehomed through The Animal Rehoming Service Inc. (TARS), many of whom have come through our foster program.

Foster people are needed by TARS to look after animals, before a permanent home is found. Of these, roughly 70% are dogs, 20% are cats and the rest could be anything from mice to horses.

Why foster with TARS?
TARS often needs new foster people, as many retire from fostering after having adopted one of the animals they’ve cared for!

Some people choose to foster, so they can "try before they buy" a potential new pet. It sounds very cold and business-like, but in fact it tends to be a great way for both the foster person and the pet to get to know each other.

Having said that, a one week trial period is encouraged with all TARS adoptions. This helps to ensure that both parties are suited to each other.

Other people would love a full-time pet, but can’t have one due to travel or other commitments. Fostering provides them with a short term solution, for those times when they’re home.

The final group are animal lovers who simply enjoy being able to help animals in need.
How long does a typical foster period last?
Most foster periods last between one and four weeks.
What’s involved?
Fosterers need to be experienced with pets.

Initially, a property inspection is conducted, to ensure that there is adequate space, secure fencing and indoor access for the pet. A draught free place for the fostered animal to sleep, is also essential.

Due to travel time and associated costs, preference is given to those living in the Bayside, Kingston, Glen Eira or Port Phillip areas of Melbourne.

If you don’t live in one of those areas, please contact us regardless, as we’ll be able to refer you to other animal rescue groups closer to home.
How does it work?
Once you become a TARS foster person, you’ll be called whenever a suitable animal comes available. As much information is given to you at that point, so you can decide whether you’re able to foster that particular animal or not. If you can’t help at that point in time, that’s fine.

If you do agree to foster, the animal is then dropped off to you. The animal is then collected whenever an appointment is made with a potential new adopter, at mutually agreed times.
Should fostering be of interest to you, or if you have any queries, please contact Michaela on 0409 21 31 31 or




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